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Big Book of Business


The annual Top 500 is now the Big Book of Business.

The Business Observer’s Big Book of Business is filled with even more valuable information in 2021, including:

1. The Data: Economic information to help business owners keep up with changing trends in our region and forecast what’s next.

2. The Lists: Rankings of the top companies and organizations by industry, size, influence and more.

3. The Change-Makers: Profiles of the people who are changing and shaping the business landscape in your area.

The book is a one-of-a-kind resource for networking, marketing and research in Southwest Florida. If you are looking for business-to-business contacts or want to stay current on the major players in area business, the Big Book of Business is a must-have. 

Available For Purchase

2021 Big Book of Business Edition

You’ll receive the printed version of the Big Book of Business, complete with the economic information, listings of the top companies by industry and profiles of people who are changing our region, in the mail.

Price: $34.95