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Business Observer Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021 3 months ago

Snooze fest: Region lags in number of coffee shops per capita

A bedding company's study of the nation's most-caffeinated states and cities reveals surprising results for Florida.

A company that claims to make mattresses, pillows, bed frames and sheets that boast “sleep boosting technology” has determined which Florida cities have the most caffeinated residents.

Zoma Sleep, in a study that culled data from Yelp, discovered Miami Beach has Florida’s highest concentration of coffee shops — one for every 1,329 people who live in the city. Pensacola, with one coffee shop for every 1,563 residents, ranked second, followed by Jacksonville Beach, with a ratio of one java joint per 1,574 residents.

The Gulf Coast turns out to be one of the sleepier parts of Florida, with only Venice, Punta Gorda and Dunedin ranking in the top 10 most caffeinated cities. Somewhat surprisingly, given its demographic trends, the Tampa Bay area barely registers on the Caffeine-O-Meter. St. Petersburg, with a population of 267,802, has just 27 coffee shops, or one for every 9,919 people, placing it third from last on the list — ahead of only Coral Springs and, bringing up the rear, Jacksonville. Brandon and Riverview also appear in Zoma’s list of the 10 least caffeinated cities.

Nationwide, Florida ranks No. 32 in terms of coffee obsession, with a total of 6,428 coffee shops serving a population of 21,670,000, the survey shows. That puts it behind No. 31 Arizona but ahead of No. 33 Ohio.

With one coffee shop for every 1,641 residents, San Francisco is the nation’s most-caffeinated city, followed by Portland, Oregon and Honolulu. The most coffee-obsessed states are Hawaii at No. 1 followed by Alaska and then Oregon.








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