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Business Observer Monday, Sep. 28, 2009 12 years ago

Serious Skin Care product on HSN

Expect to see more things from Serious Skin Care on St. Petersburg-based media retailer HSN.

Expect to see more things from Serious Skin Care on St. Petersburg-based media retailer HSN.

In 2002, the beauty treatments and cosmetics company set a unit sales record on HSN with its Insta-tox wrinkle-smoothing cream, selling 78,000 units. Fast-forward seven years and the combination has broken its own record and with a 32% gain. Serious Skin Care's skin-care mask skin-tightener Firma-Face XR sold 103,000 units over the product's four-day launch starting on Sept. 9.

Michael Henry, HSN's senior vice president of merchandising, attributed the success of Firma-Face to the product's unique attributes — mainly instant skin smoothing — successful marketing that attracted attention in Parade Magazine and Allure magazines and the rebranded image of HSN.

“That rebranding has really taken hold of customers,” Henry says. “We've managed to bring a whole new customer base into the shop at home space. It's been tremendously successful, which has led us to outperform the overall shopping channel competition. We've taken market share over the last nine to 10 quarters.”

Firma-Face XR's unit-sales record may not remain on top for long, according to Henry, with several high-profile new products launching within the next year from powerhouse brands such as Lancôme and Carol's Daughter and celebrity-backed products including a new holiday fragrance from Diddy's Sean Jean line.

“Companies have started to recognize HSN as a launch partner,” Henry says. “We're not just a sales market; we are also a very viable marketing market, where they can communicate to their customers more directly and effectively. Instead of paying for a 30-second spot, why not spend an hour communicating your brand and message to consumers.”

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