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Business Observer Tuesday, Sep. 15, 2009 12 years ago

'Millenials' in the workplace

Listen up, Millenial generation. Hunter Lott thinks he's got you figured out

Listen up, Millenial generation. Hunter Lott thinks he's got you figured out.

Lott spoke at a meeting of the CEO Council of Tampa Bay Thursday . His presentation, “Hire the Best, Fire the Rest,” framed a discussion of human resource policy around managing those employees in today's workplace born after 1982.

Characteristics Lott attributed to the Millenial include valuing time over money, preferring texting to all other forms of communication, and changing jobs every three to five years.

To get the most out of younger employees, Lott advocated a hands-off approach to management. As one example, he suggested managers group sick and vacation time together into one “Personal Time Off” category. From there, rather than penalizing employees for using available time, Lott suggests questioning the behavior of any employee that doesn't take the time off.

Inevitably, Facebook was mentioned. An audience member mentioned having been “friended” by an employee, and wondered if the content on that employee's profile page might be grounds for firing.

Lott advocated using the Internet as a resource for learning more about prospective and current employees, but indicated that the subject of hiring and firing based on that information is not black and white. While managers can go with their gut before an employee is hired, the employee handbook is the end-all once an individual is on the payroll.

The Review asks for your feedback on both sides of the “Millenials in the Workplace” issue. For the employee, does Lott have you figured out? For the manager, is this approach different from what you've been doing?

Comments from either side involving Facebook are strongly encouraged. All feedback should be sent to [email protected] — the Review's own Millenial.

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