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Business Observer Thursday, Sep. 16, 2021 11 months ago

Grill girl cooks up a new way to reach the masses

Grill Girl Magazine, a seasonal grilling lifestyle publication from Fort Myers-based Robyn Lindars, debuted in August.

Robyn Lindars has been building her Grill Girl lifestyle and outdoor cooking brand mostly online for the past few years, with popular Pinterest and Instagram pages.  

She’s parlayed the success, funneled through her website,, into several national brand partnerships, too, utilizing a comfort-food, southern girl-next-door vibe. Now Lindars is taking a new step into old media, with the launch of Grill Girl Magazine. The seasonal grilling lifestyle publication debuted in August and is available nationally at local retailers and grocery stores, in addition to Barnes & Noble, CVS and Walmart. “I come from the digital world,” Lindars tells Coffee Talk of her print debut. “I’m used to websites and blogs.”

While the overall print magazine industry has been hammered by a bevy of negative trends, lifestyle magazines have been a bright spot. Good Housekeeping and Better Homes and Gardens, for example, are two of the top-selling titles on the market, according to data firm Fullintel. Real Simple, Southern Living and Martha Stewart Living all are in the top 10 of the most popular print subscriptions ordered on Amazon. And Magnolia Journal, the print magazine from Joanna and Chip Gaines’ home design and lifestyle empire, published by Meredith, has some six million readers.

That’s the market Lindars aims to tap into, but for grilling. The outdoor cooking niche has gained momentum during the pandemic, Lindars says, and is no longer just a summer holiday ritual. She seeks to not only to capitalize on that shift, but to turn grilling from a guy’s thing into something women can do regularly, too. “I’m trying to change the narrative surrounding the grilling life,” Lindars says. “It’s about time someone does a grilling magazine that doesn’t have a dude on the cover.”

Lindars partnered with Durham, North Carolina publisher Engaged Lifestyle for Grill Girl Magazine. Engaged’s other titles include Atomic Ranch, devoted to Mid Century Modern architecture, American Farmhouse and Cottages and Bungalows.

Each issue of Grill Girl Magazine will be on the shelves for about three months. Features in the debut issue include how to pick the right grill for your lifestyle; how to grill the perfect steak; and how to cook an entire meal on the grill. Each Grill Girl Magazine includes over 25 recipes and tips, according to a statement, in an effort to inspire beginners and experts.

Lindars, with a degree in journalism, says overseeing the entire editorial process for the magazine, from recipes to feature articles to the design, look and photos, was both an eye-opening and fun challenge. Says Lindars: “It was like birthing a magazine baby.”




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